"You and Ashley were very well received....  The few moments I walked through, the Reception and the Something Different Duo seemed very well suited.  One of our Past District Governors, Jim xxxxx from Richmond told me twice that the singer was fabulous.  I gave him your card and I also gave it to a number of others.  I may have additional comments from others soon and will share them with you.  Hope our Rotarians behaved themselves!" - Carol

"Everyone was so complimentary of your music and the fact that it was different…. appropriate for “Something Different”…… to have at a house party.  I truly appreciate your willingness to travel this far to perform for us....."

......."Thanks again for making our party so special!  I also understand one of my guests got information from you for a possible booking in the future.  That’s awesome! " -Cheryl E.

"We really enjoy Something Different's performances at Saude Creek. They are always entertaining and Ashley's vocal talent is exceptional." - Stephanie Brooks, Saude Creek Vineyards


We would like to share an email we received after playing Dec 10, 2015 at the Willow Oaks Country Club in Richmond. 

Brad & Ashley,  

I can not think you enough for the wonderful performance last night!!!   All I can say is WOW!!!  I was blown away and left speechless when I saw you perform at another event last year, so it brought me great joy watching that same effect on others last night.  

I received so many positive comments along with "where did you find these guys".   Even the staff and people attending a separate event approached us commenting how incredible you were.  One staff member said chills went down her back when listening to Ashley rehearse.  I know a lot of people were asking for your information so I have no doubt we will see you again.  

You helped make our Christmas social really special last night, thank you!!  

All my best,  

Kenny Janes  
President, Rotary Club of Richmond

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Some reviews:  

"Today I received the 'First Take' Something Different Duo CD. I have listened to it four times already. It's going into my ipod tonight so that it goes where ever I go. Brad Sindle and Ashley, it is amazing, I love it. WOW! Everyone that appreciates music should buy this CD immediately."

"Brad and Ashley, I just got your CD 'First Take' and I must say I was blown away. I had never heard you before but helped out some with your CD efforts and it was worth every penny. Your keyboard work and Ashley's voice are simply great. 
Ashley's quality, tone and control are simply amazing, she takes songs like Don't Know Why, Bobby McGee, Come Away With Me, I'm Yours, Time After Time, and sings them with ease.........."

"Now I get to listen to my CD, 'First Take' from Something Different with Brad and Ashley. Comments from the group I'm with: solid talent, smooth, soothing, and beautiful. It's a winner! Congratulations, guys!"